We develop Theatre in Education programmes, for lycée students:

The Tempest

The Tempest was written in 1611.  It is perhaps Shakespeare’s last play.  With themes of magic, mischief and reconciliation, it is an ideal vehicle for conveying the Bard’s unique language and ideas in a workshop setting. 

Bang Bang You’re Dead

A Theatre in Education programme discussing gun violence programme.

Death Of A Salesman

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller was written in 1949. However some of its themes still have relevance today.

We live in a digital world where Form and Image are becoming more important than Content or Substance – in the same way as Willy, who depends on his good looks, charm and sense of entitlement, creates the illusion of success. Hard-work has been replaced by salesmanship. But this is not sustainable. Willy is in denial when his presentation of self no longer resonates in the world around him…. just as today, when we peel back the technological gloss, there may be an absence of meaningful Content underneath.  

Are we caught in the same cycle today?

Judgement – Should the people decide?

The current refugee crisis is a complex and heartbreaking situation.  Leaders across Europe are finding it hard to find solutions and, sadly for many refugees, time is not on their side.

This Theatre in Education program explores issues related to how ‘we’ perceive refugees and make judgments on ‘them’.  We explore the role social media plays in influencing the views of those informing and judging the refugees in their very human search for justice.

The purpose of this program is not to make any political stand nor, ironically, to make any “Judgement”.  

Our main intention is to encourage debate and discussion at a local level. The play which is central to our program can be performed as a stand-alone piece of theatre or as part of the Theatre in Education programme we offer to schools or interested organisations.​