“C’était donc une expérience très enrichissante qui a permis de mesurer l’apport de ce type de pratique et qui a été un succès grâce à la gentillesse, la créativité et le grand professionnalisme des intervenants” Stéphane Lamotte, la Direction de l’Education Nationale, Monaco


Theatre in Education Festival – Festival de Théâtre Educatif March/April 2020 The Association Theatre Atelier, would like to invite you to our first bilingual (French/English) Theatre in Education Festival, to be held in March/April 2020, on the Cote D’Azur.  We believe Theatre can be truly transformative as an educational tool. The bilingual element adds a unique dimension that fosters natural curiosity, linguistic awareness and cultural exchange.

Congratulations to our young A.T.A actors!!

Our Summer Camp was a great success! Our young creative minds worked hard to produce three new original films, and a fantastic theatrical masterpiece, “Message In A Plastic Bottle”. This play focused on plastic pollution in our oceans, and is a fine example of how Theatre can engage audiences and raise awareness.

The Tempest

Theatre Educatif Workshop The Tempest was written in 1611. It is perhaps Shakespeare’s last play. With themes of magic, mischief and reconciliation, it is an ideal vehicle for conveying the Bard’s unique language and ideas in a workshop setting.